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Frostpack freezit machine manual single lane

Here at Frostline our major focus is entrepreneur development. This distributor program focuses on empowering emerging entrepreneurs in giving them leverage. As Frostline we give them a starting point but we don’t limit their growth. By exposing them to a wide variety of products we allow them to choose and specialise. Once specialisation is achieved we develop technologies to advance the areas chosen by our emerging entrepreneurs. We believe in growth, we believe in strength in numbers. We believe in value of persistence incoperated with technology. Frostline has seen a new age of entrepreneurs come out of Africa and they will conquer the economic growth landscape.The program is a done by training individuals, engage them in distribution of products. The next stage is identification of areas of speciality, once that is done and verified special training is offered in identified area. The product identified is then expanded in range. All products are sold under Frostline name and should keep the strict standards set by the company. Payment terms should be strictly followed to avoid cutting of supply without notice. Selling of related materials using resources and platforms created or provided by Frostline is prohibited under this program. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to be eager to develop their knowledge of products being offered to close the knowledge gap. I will explain more on how this program will impact lives in further articles..